About us

Our company ‘Emochoice Canada Inc.’ supplies and prints items and apparel on demand. We are able to produce the standard items you expect from a print shop such as T-shirts, Caps, Bags, Mugs, Water Bottles, Signs, Wallpapers, Window Graphics, Stickers, etc. (along with other items that may surprise you!). Especially unique reflective vests for children and adults are present in Canada for the first time. They are comfortable, lightweight, and available in 7 bright colors. You can personalize any of these items with your phone number, logo, or any other design you choose with multi colors, reflective or fluorescent

We hope that our customers feel happy emotions when they work with our team, when they purchase and when they wear any item from our catalogue – that is why we chose the name “Emochoice” which combines “Emotion” and “Choice”.

It is our pleasure to serve you. We wish everyone a lot of success and happiness !

EmoChoice Canada Inc.